Benefits of the TOMQ club

  • Gain access to unpublished resources

  • Meet other people in your line of work

  • Safety tips and Covid safety tips

  • Check out and contribute to our bad date list

  • Invitiations to events run by other sex workers

hand on cell phone, about to login to website

How registration works:

We have a small team of sex workers and a technician who helps run this website. They will be responsible for approving your membership. The first step is to complete the short form below and we will review your membership request. After a short vetting process to ensure that only sex workers are able to register we will email you back with your confirmed username and temporary password that you should update after your first login.

For your own safety

  1. Use your work name or another pseudonym when you register.
  2. Use your work email address or a separate email address that isn't associated with your private life.
  3. Don't share personal identifying information unless you feel absolutely comfortable doing so.
  4. For enhanced safety use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you log in to
  5. Be respectful of other workers on the site even if you disagree with them. Doxing another worker will result in a lifetime ban.

Registration Form